Why Your Regularly Scheduled Eye Exam Matters

Why Your Regularly Scheduled Eye Exam Matters

Routine eye exams help prevent sight-loss and detect illness early

Numerous research studies, including surveys sponsored by the World Health Organization, confirm that eighty percent of blindness is avoidable with early intervention. Protecting the precious gift of sight starts with receiving regular eye exams. Without routine check-ups, your vision may be slightly slipping away. Some people don’t notice slight vision changes. Many conditions that threaten your sight, such as glaucoma, don’t exhibit obvious symptoms. But, preventing blindness isn’t the only benefit of seeing your eye care professional for routine eye exams.

The optometrist: Your health and wellness partner

Your annual trip to the eye doctor may reveal more than a slight change in vision as you age. The first sign of many medical problems – diabetes, cancer, and hypertension – is often discovered by an optometrist during a routine exam.

For instance, most people don’t know there is an established correlation between chronic back pain and recurrent iritis. However, your optometrist knows the two seemly unrelated issues could signal a serious medical condition called ankylosing spondylitis (AS). AS is an incurable form of arthritis that causes internal damage to the heart and other organs, including the eyes.

It’s never too early to establish a routine eye care plan

We recommend our Celina and Plano patients establish a routine eye care plan early in life. Infants and toddlers cannot communicate changes in their vision or any unusual symptoms. Performing a thorough exam at three months of age gives the eye doctor an opportunity to establish a baseline for comparison. Early childhood exams at six months and three years are good intervals to monitor changes in eye health while your children are focused on exploring the world around them.

At Lone Star Vision, we are committed to helping patients protect their vision. We offer optometry services for newborns, children, and adults. Has your health changed significantly in recent weeks or months? It might be time for a routine eye exam to check your vision and rule out any underlying medical conditions. Call our office today!

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