Why Do I Get Headaches From Watching Television?

Plano and Celina Optometrist Explains Headaches from Watching TV

Even though it is said that many people spend several hours per day in front of their TVs, you may find that you get headaches from attempting this. While it’s easy to assume that eye strain is at fault, there is more to it than that. In fact, it might not be eye strain at all. Here are some tips from Lone Star Vision of Plano and Celina, TX to help you pinpoint the source of the problem:

Symptoms of Eye Strain

Common eye strain symptoms are eyes that are sore, dry, sticky, and hard to focus. Headaches are common symptoms as well. Usually, more than one symptom will be present. When associated with watching the television, this syndrome may be referred to as “TV eyes.”

Is Something About the Television Itself Straining Your Eyes?

Blue Light

One important factor is often the large amount of blue light produced by a TV set, which can be very intense. Blue light is now recognized as being hard on the eyes. It can also interfere with your sleep schedule.


Sunlight and lamp light can both cause glare when you try to watch the TV during the day. Close your curtains and turn off lamps that shine onto the screen or into your eyes.

Can You See the TV’s Images Well?

Do you have to work on focusing your eyes in order to see the screen clearly? If the TV itself has nothing wrong with it, you likely need corrective lenses that are set to work at your usual TV viewing distance.

Eye Health Tips

Be sure to take some breaks when marathon viewing. Use ad breaks to get up, walk around, and most importantly, look away from your TV. There should be enough ads to rest your eyes for several minutes per show.

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