What can I expect during a Contact Lens Exam?

What Can I Expect During a Contact Lens Exam in Plano and Celina?

When you need help seeing clearly, contact lenses provide a convenient way to do so. You might consider choosing contacts if you do not want to deal with wearing glasses all or most of the time. When you choose contacts, you will need to have a specialized contact lens exam. Find out more about what to expect when you come in for one of these exams at Lone Star Vision in Plano and Celina.

Routine Eye Exam vs. Contact Lens Exam

A routine eye exam and a contact lens exam differ in a few important ways. Routine eye exams are designed to check the overall health of your eyes. While these exams also include tests to check for refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, contact lens exams focus specifically on ensuring that these lenses are right for your eyes. Our optometrists take different measurements, such as cornea measurements, to check the curvature of your eyes. This helps determine which type of contact lenses you need and the measurements needed for a comfortable fit.

What to Expect from Contact Lens Exams in Plano and Celina

When you come to our office in Plano or Celina for contact lens exams, you can expect to have measurements taken. Our optometrists will also run tests to determine the prescription you need for your contact lenses. We will also discuss the different kinds of lenses available and help you select appropriate ones.

Types of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses generally come in soft, semi-rigid gas permeable and rigid gas permeable lenses. There are also contacts that are designed for hard-to-fit cases, such as the need of bifocal lenses or having dry eyes. These lenses, which include scleral and toric lenses, are specially designed for those with a condition that makes traditional contacts hard or uncomfortable to wear.

Contact Us for a Contact Eye Exam in Plano or Celina

If you need a contact eye exam in Plano and Celina, please contact Lone Star Vision to schedule an appointment. Our optometrists can help you select the most suitable contacts for your eyes and ensure that they fit properly.

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