Vision and Halloween: Proper eye care during the festivities

Is eye wear part of you Halloween costume?

Beware and take care. If you have borrowed prescription eye wear from someone else it may look great. But it’s not great for your eyes. Even if those glasses are non-prescription they can be dangerous.

According to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, more teens than ever before are wearing costume contacts. Even though it’s against the law for party stores and costume shops to sell costume contacts, in many cases the law is ignored by authorities. Ophthalmologists caution against wearing non-prescription contact lenses because they can harm your eyes.

Why are costume contact lenses illegal and dangerous?

It often happens that such lenses are fabricated by unlicensed manufacturers. They may be made from inferior plastic and toxic dyes may be used for coloration. Hygiene is also an issue. Wearers of lenses produced by fly by night manufacturers are less likely to enforce hygiene in the work place. Those who wear these lenses may become infected on contact and these infections can create corneal ulcers. This may eventually lead to permanent blindness. What started as Halloween fun can end up as a dreadful nightmare.

How can you keep your eyes safe on Halloween?

Trade in you scary costume eye wear for costumes and makeup. It’s OK to wear prescription contact lenses from your optometrist or ophthalmologist after a complete eye exam. During the exam the doctor will establish the curvature and size of the lenses. And, provide instructions on lenses insertion and cleaning.

When you purchase your lenses from a licensed eye care professional, you can be confident that the lenses meet FDA regulations. At the first indication of a problem contact your doctor. The warning signs to look for are blurred vision, pain, swelling, discharge and redness. Prevent infection by maintaining good hygiene.

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