UV Protection Tips for Winter

It’s natural for you to grab your sunglasses when going out the door in the summer, but what about in the depths of winter? When it’s snowing or icy outside, protecting your eyesight is probably the last thing you consider, but it’s not something you should skip. Sun exposure can damage your eyes, regardless of the season, and at Lone Star Vision we care for patients with sun-related eye problems every month of the year. Do you take the right precautions for your eyes before going out into the winter sunshine?

Winter UV Eyewear

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside; if the sun is shining, it’s going to affect your eyes. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays can cause damage such as dry eyes, eyestrain, and even cataracts and macular degeneration. Wearing the right winter UV eyewear can prevent this damage and keep your eyes safe year round. We can prescribe the right protective eyewear in your eyeglass prescription, or you can get clear lenses if you don’t need vision correction. It’s important that you get lenses that block 100 percent of all the UV rays in the environment.

Keep Your Eyes Moist

Car heaters and strong sun rays can combine to dry out the surface of your eyes, adding painful dryness to the list of UV-caused symptoms. If you’ve already got a condition known as dry eye, it can make your symptoms even worse. Keep a vial of artificial tears handy and use them frequently to prevent your eyes from drying out in the sunshine.

An Active Winter Life

Sports don’t stop when the temperature lowers, they just change to different forms. From winter hiking to skiing and ice skating, athletes spend long hours out in the winter sunlight. Add in the glare from the light bouncing off snow or ice, and you’ve got a perfect situation for UV eye damage. Sunglasses can help a lot, but if you’re going to be active outside you’re in danger of foreign objects getting trapped behind the lens and falling into your eyes. Go with a pair of UV-rated goggles, and get them in your prescription strength. Our caring, professional team will be happy to work with you to find the perfect set of goggles or frames to protect your eyes during your longest workouts.

Got Winter UV Protection Questions?

One pair of sunglasses might not cover every situation, especially if you have an active outdoor lifestyle. If you’ve got questions about protecting your eyes during sunny winter days, call our office for an appointment. You can reach our Plano, TX, office at 972-378-4104.

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