Swimming with Contact Lens May Cause Eye Infection

At Lone Star Vision, our optometrists treat patients who suffer from an eye infection. Many of the people we see wear contact lenses and come to see us after going swimming. If you wear contacts, learn about eye infections related to swimming.

Eye Infection After Swimming in Plano or Celina, TX

As a general rule our optometrists do not recommend swimming with contact lenses. If you go swimming while wearing your contacts, you may get an eye infection or even a corneal ulcer.

Contacts are not designed to be worn in water of any kind, including in the shower. Water is a microbial environment, rich with viruses and bacteria. When you swim (or even take a shower) with contact lenses, you bathe your contacts in these bacteria.

If your eyes feel itchy, inflamed, red, dry, or crusty, you may have an eye infection. We can treat your eye infection with antibiotic medication. We will diagnose the type of infection and provide the right treatment for the specific infection you have, something you cannot do yourself.

Our Optometrists at Lone Star Vision can help prevent Eye Infections in Plano and Celina

After our eye doctor treats your eye infection, we can discuss some temporary solutions. We may recommend you switch to disposable one day contact lenses. These are typically thrown away every day, at the end of the day. If you go swimming, you can throw away the contact lenses after swimming. You will enjoy clear vision in the pool, without needing to wear prescription goggles or invest in something like vision correction laser surgery.

If vision surgery interests you but you do not have the money, we can discuss Ortho-K. This process corrections your vision with overnight contact lenses. In the day, you can see clearly with no vision correction, so you can swim without contacts.

Our optomtrists can also prescribe goggles if you would prefer to keep your existing contact lenses and are fine with wearing goggles in the pool.

If you think you have an eye infection, we are here to help. Call us at 972-378-4104 to reach the Plano optometry clinic or at 972-382-2020 for the Celina office.

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