Let’s Talk About Vision Therapy

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is a progressive program of vision exercises that help train the brain to use the eyes more efficiently.

Who can benefit from vision therapy?

Vision therapy is an ideal treatment for patients with learning-related vision problems, post-traumatic brain injury or concussion issues, post-stroke issues, a diagnosis of Autism, ADD/ADHD or learning disabled, athletes looking to enhance sports performance, and adults performing visually demanding tasks.

Where can I receive vision therapy?

Vision therapy services are available at LSV Plano, provided by VT Specialist Dr. Jasmine Serna and Certified Vision Therapist Alyssa Gordon.

Meet Dr. Jasmine Serna

Optometrist and VT Specialist Dr. Jasmine Serna is passionate about helping patients improve the overall quality and function of their vision. Under her care, patients learn the science behind vision therapy techniques through top-notch training and progress tracking.

Meet VT Alyssa Gordon

Certified Vision Therapist Alyssa Gordon provides the highest quality of assistance to patients and fellow staff alike! Her dynamic skill set and inviting demeanor allow her to help bring a new level of confidence to our LSV team and especially our Vision Therapy patients!

From the Specialists

Why did you decide to specialize in Vision Therapy treatment?

Dr. Serna:

I decided to pursue vision therapy because there is a big need for developmental optometrists. There is not enough awareness about vision therapy. 1 in 10 children has a vision problem significant enough to impact learning. Unfortunately, the optometrist is not the first person most parents seek out when their child is having trouble in school. By offering vision therapy, I can be the solution for patients who have not had success with other treatments and provide them with hope for the future of their vision.

VT Alyssa:

I decided to become a certified vision therapist because when I was younger I struggled with eye problems and have always wanted to learn more about the eyes. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, so vision therapy has been the perfect fit for me!

What is the most inspiring thing about your vision therapy patients?

Dr. Serna:

The most inspiring thing about my vision therapy patients is their determination and commitment. Younger patients tend to start off unmotivated and older patients tend to start off very motivated because they are more aware of how their condition affects their life. Regardless of their age, when they have that “a ha” moment in therapy, their self-confidence skyrockets. From that point on, they push themselves to the limits because they realize there is a solution for their symptoms.

VT Alyssa:

Seeing patients finally understand an activity and why they are seeing what they’re seeing is always a huge moment for me. They inspire me because they start therapy with tracking issues, double vision, eye turns, etc. but once they get the hang of it and gain the ability to control their own vision, they are able to make huge improvements!

What should people know about vision therapy?

Dr. Serna:

Vision therapy is a sequence of exercises used to retrain the brain to use the eyes more effectively and efficiently. Many of us take proper eye development for granted, The reality is our experiences determine our development. Below is a list of some of the different conditions and symptoms vision therapy can treat: lazy eyes, eye turns, double vision, headaches, dizziness, skipping lines when reading, losing place when reading, and poor reading comprehension, just to name a few.

VT Alyssa:

It’s a very helpful tool for many different issues! We hold weekly/biweekly sessions, and patients receive a backpack with equipment to do activities at home. Home activities are important for the patients’ success, and practice makes perfect! Younger patients keep track of completed home activities with stickers, and when they earn enough we have prize week. We like to keep it light and fun in VT because when we are stressed, so are our eyes!