The Benefits of Sports Eyeglasses for Amateurs and Pros

Sports eyeglasses are designed to improve athletic performance in the field or on the court. They are specially designed to fit securely and comfortably during sports, protect the eyes and enhance vision for that extra edge. Even if you’re an athlete with perfect vision, sports eyeglasses can reduce glare and enhance contrast. See better and react faster while you’re playing your favorite sport with a pair of sports glasses. All around, sports eyeglasses boost athletic performance.

Prescription sports glasses keep you in the game and are designed for sports enthusiasts who need corrective lenses.

Lone Star Vision: The Eye Care Center for Sports Eyeglasses

Often, pro and amateur athletes don’t think about or realize the connection between their vision and athletic performance. At Lone Star Vision, Dr. Todd Brantley provides sports vision assessments for both children and adults and lets patients know the best vision correction for their sport. A high quality pair of sports eyeglasses or prescription sports glasses is just an investment in training and equipment. It gives you the right tools to up your game. Many of our patients at Lone Star Vision report better performance with our sport eyeglasses and prescription sport glasses.

Dr. Todd Brantley professionally fits sports eyeglasses and prescription sports glasses for a variety of sports, including baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, football and cycling. We also offer specific prescription eyewear for target shooting, water spots and archery. Patients can also choose high quality and trendy frames from brands like Nike and Oakley. Just because you’re wearing sports eyeglasses doesn’t mean you can’t look great.

Interested in seeing what we can do to improve your sports vision? Whether its sports eyeglasses or prescription sports glasses for baseball, prescription sports sunglasses for biking, golf or tennis, contact lenses, prescription aquatic goggles or sports-specific eyewear for archery or target shooting, we’ve got the sports vision solution for you.

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