Improving Visual Comfort with Innovative Neurolens® Treatment Technology.

Neurolens® is a brand-new breakthrough in lens technology and may be the solution you’ve been seeking for your chronic daily headaches and neck pain. Lone Star Vision is a proud provider of Neurolens®. Call or text us for a Neurolens® Consultation today!

How Neurolens® Therapy Works

Your brain is constantly in communication with your two eyes, keeping them aligned to help you see the world clearly. If your eyes are misaligned, however, your brain have to work extra hard to maintain the balance. The extra work on your brain leads to constant headaches, migraines, tension in and around your eyes, dizziness and even neck stiffness. Adding the misalignment to the strenuous visual demands of computers, phones and other digital devices usage and you could face daily suffering. Fortunately, 10 years of research into headaches and their associated visual symptoms has yielded the revolutionary Neurolens® treatment.

Neurolens® therapy helps correct the misalignment. Whether you struggle to see far away or up close, Lone Star Vision can provide customized Neurolens® that correct your specific misalignment and give you the most comfortable vision possible. Check out the following video for a Neurolens® overview, and then read on for answers to some of the FAQs we receive

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Neurolens FAQ

What makes this any different than the glasses I wore in the past?

The difference is in the technology and the visual experience. Neurolens® utilize patented, clinically tested technology to correct your misalignment at your prescribed working distance. There is no lens on the market that offers the same technology.


How do you measure my misalignment?

Lone Star Vision utilizes a sophisticate patented Neurolens® instrument to measure your eye misalignment at varying distances. Coupled with specialized in-office testing, your eye measurements allow us to create a custom lens that helps with your specific symptoms.

How quickly can I expect my symptoms to improve?

Most Lone Star Vision patients notice an improvement within the week, although patients with extremely chronic conditions may require six to eight weeks to notice an improvement.

Are there any side effects to the Neurolens®?

First-time Neurolens® wearers typically report feeling lighter, as if there’s less burden on their heads, necks, shoulders and eyes. But, as with any new type of lens, you may feel disoriented for about a week as your brain adapts.

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If you work on the computer for more than four hours a day, suffer from a stiff neck and migraines or experience dry eyes, let Lone Star Vision help provide relief for your suffering. To learn more about our state-of-the-art Neurolens® treatment or to schedule a consultation, please call or text our friendly team at (972) 378-4104 or schedule an appointment online.