LASIK surgery is the most commonly performed eye surgery to treat astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. This type of refractive surgery reshapes the cornea to be properly focused onto the retina for better vision. It offers a wealth of benefits.

Improved Vision With Our Eye Care Specialists

Studies have proven that patients enjoy enhanced vision with just one outpatient procedure. Approximately 95 percent of people who undergo LASIK surgery achieve visual acuity of a minimum of 20/40, and 85 percent achieve 20/20 vision.

Experience Fast Results and Recovery With LASIK

LASIK surgery takes just 15 minutes for both eyes. While you won’t be able to drive immediately following LASIK surgery, most patients return to their regular routine within one day after surgery. Results are quick, and so is recovery, thus enabling you to return to your daily activities as soon as possible.

Long-Lasting Results

Although it takes about three months for the eyes to adjust, the results from LASIK surgery, the results are permanent. There is no need for any follow-up procedures and improved eyesight lasts unless there is vision loss due to illness or aging.

Say Good-Bye to Contacts and Glasses

LASIK surgery pays for itself by eliminating the annual costs for contacts. In addition, LASIK eliminates the hassle of dealing with messy solutions or the prospect of losing a contact. Put down the eye glasses and radically change your look. With LASIK surgery, you can now wear all of the designer style glasses without having to purchase pricey prescription shades.

How LASIK Works

Eye doctors perform a thorough eye exam to ensure your eyes are healthy enough for the procedure. This includes evaluating refractive errors, pupil size and the shape and thickness of the cornea. Usually, a corneal topographer is used in this evaluation. It creates a map of the cornea. Some surgeons have patients undergo a wavefront analysis to provide an even more accurate cornea map.

Prior to LASIK surgery, your doctor applies eyes drops to numb the area. The eyes are positioned under the laser with a lid speculum used to keep the eyelids open. The surgeon marks the cornea with an ink marker, and a suction ring is applied to prevent eye movements. Once the corneal flap is created, your doctor will then use a computer to adjust the excimer laser according to your prescription. A laser light reshapes the cornea painlessly while you feel light pressure and hear the clicking sound of the laser.

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