Lone Star Vision Provides Enchroma Glasses for Color Deficiency

Your eyes are capable of bringing you an enormous amount of information about your world due to their inherent sensitivity to a variety of light wavelengths — turning some of these wavelengths into colors. But some people’s eyes do an incomplete job of perceiving color. Fortunately for these individuals, Lone Star Vision can help. We’re the sole authorized Texas provider of a remarkable eyewear technology known as Enchroma glasses. These state-of-the-art corrective lenses can help you overcome your color deficiency so you can enjoy sharper, clearer, more accurate eyesight than ever before.

Understanding Color Deficiency

While some people might refer to Enchroma eyewear as “colorblind glasses,” this term is not really correct. Individuals with color deficiency are almost never totally incapable of seeing color, viewing the world as if it were a black-and-white film (a condition called achromatopsia). Instead, they have difficulty telling one particular color from another. In the most common form of color deficiency, people may not be able to distinguish between red and green. Others have difficulty telling the difference between blue and yellow.

Why does this problem occur? To understand color deficiency, we must first examine how the eye perceives color. Specialized cells in the retina known as cones are sensitive to red, green, or blue light wavelengths, depending on which pigment they contain. When they encounter these wavelengths, the visual data they send to the brain is then “mixed” into all the variations of color we see around us. People who lack one of these pigments will be unable to see colors created from that pigment. These people obviously would not require “colorblind glasses,” since they may be able to see some colors perfectly normally. They only need help with their particular color imbalance — and that’s where Enchroma glasses can come to the rescue.

How Enchroma Glasses Help

The lenses in Enchroma glasses contain a special, patent-pending optical filter. This filter helps users see green and red colors more clearly by emphasizing the differences between the cones’ respective photopigments. If you want to see just how profound the impact Enchroma glasses can have, check out this video of “Dave’s First Reaction” to his new color perception on the Enchroma website.

Take the Enchroma Test Today & Call Lone Star Vision

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