Contact lenses are a popular way for people with nearsightedness or farsightedness to achieve vision correction. These lenses are placed directly on the eye — and completely invisible to other people. In most cases, they are comfortable to wear and provide exceptionally crisp vision, provided you have a proper fitting and evaluation.

What is a Contact Lens Exam?

At our Plano and Celina optometrists offices, we recommend that you have a yearly eye exam, which includes a contact lens fitting and evaluation if you choose to wear contacts. If you are getting contacts for the first time, we also recommend a fitting. One of our experienced optometrists will look at your eyes with special equipment to determine what size contact lenses would be best for you. Contact lenses come in a variety of sizes, or base curves, to accommodate for the different sizes and shapes of patient corneas. Your prescription may need to be altered to account for the fact that contacts sit on the eye, instead of several millimeters away like glasses. Additionally, our optometrist in Plano or Celina will determine during your contact lens exam if your cornea has been affected by contact lens wear in the past.

Can’t I Buy Contact Lenses Online?

Many patients assume that they do not need a contact lens fitting as a part of their vision exam in order to wear contacts. They may simply buy their contacts online instead of seeing an optometrist. However, this can lead to many eye problems, some of which are permanent or severe.

If you order your contacts without the supervision of an optometrist, you could receive an incorrect prescription and not have the vision correction that is right for you. Without a yearly contact lens exam to monitor the health of your eyes, you could develop serious problems including neovascularization, corneal ulcers, and bacterial infections.

The Importance of Regular Contact Lens Fitting & Evaluation Visits with an Optometrist in Celina and Plano

When you visit an optometrist in Celina or Plano for yearly contact lens fittings, you can be confident that you are obtaining the correct and most recent prescription for you, as well as the proper fit and brand for your eyes. You can also be sure that your eyes are not suffering damage from contact lens over wear, and if you are, you can be promptly treated so you are able to return to wearing contacts as soon as possible. Patients with long term damage to their corneas from ulcers or neovascularization may be advised to switch to glasses only.

Wearing contact lenses can be a convenient, attractive way to get the vision correction you need — however, patients who wear contacts must do so responsibly. Visiting an optometrist in Plano and Celina for a yearly contact lens exam can ensure that you receive the right contacts — in the right prescription -every year, allowing you to maintain great eye health and excellent vision.

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