Contact Lenses – Evaluation and Follow Up Care in Plano and Celina, TX

Many people prefer contacts because they provide superior vision that is not attainable with eyeglasses. You will be able to enjoy clear contact lens vision for longer when you have an evaluation with routine follow up care.

When should you have a contact lens evaluation?

During your initial evaluation for contact lenses and each year during your annual exam your eyes will be assessed by our optometrist. Our yearly eye exam includes a contact lens fitting and evaluation. If you are getting contacts for the first time it’s best for you to get a fitting. Our optometrists examine your eyes with special equipment to determine what size contact lenses are best for you.

What is measured during contact lens evaluation?

Contact lenses are designed to fit patient corneas. Everyone is different so there are a variety of sizes to accommodate your eyes and to fit your particular shape. If you wear eyeglasses you may need a prescription alteration for contacts because they sit directly on the eye. Eyeglasses are several millimeters away. At your evaluation our optometrist will determine if your cornea has been affected by previous contact lens wear or has other defects. Patients with long term damage to their corneas from ulcers or other causes may need to avoid contacts and wear eyeglasses instead.

What takes place during contact lens evaluation with our optometrists?

A contact lens evaluation is supplemental to a comprehensive eye examination. Additional testing specifically related to contacts takes place. In order to prescribe contact lenses an eye doctor must complete several additional tests:

1. Our Lone Star optometrist will evaluate the health of your eyes. Close attention will be focused on your corneas, eyelids and conjunctiva. Your optometrist will consider how contacts lenses will affect the health of your eyes.

2. Once we have determined that your eyes are well suited to contact wear we will select the proper contact lens prescription based on a number of factors. These are:

  • Your eye glasses prescription
  • Your vision needs
  • corneal health and
  • curvature

3. Next your optometrist will examine the contact lens on your eye to make certain that it’s aligned with your cornea and lids.

4. Last your vision wearing the contact lenses on your eyes will be checked. Adjustments may be made when indicated. What happens during your examination is determined by the types of contact lenses needed and the health of your eyes.

When should you follow up on your contact care with an Optometrist?

You should follow up immediate if you are feeling eye discomfort or have vision problems. Otherwise make sure to come back each year for your annual evaluation and follow up care. Part of your annual evaluation includes evaluating your vision.

Maintaining corneal health is also your responsibility. We advise you to avoid tap water contact on your lenses or case. Also avoid entering the water while wearing your lenses. Avoid fresh water, ocean water, and hot tub or pool environments. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (972) 378-4104 (Plano) or (972) 382-2020 (Celina).