Comprehensive Eye Exams from Our Optometrists for the Surrounding Communities of Plano, Celina, Prosper, and Frisco, TX

With our optometrists in Plano and Celina, you’ll always get exceptional service and support from our team. Annual wellness exams are critical to protecting your vision and eye health. We encourage you to visit us more frequently, though, if you have any change in your vision or you would like an updated prescription. The key to protecting your vision long-term is to have routine exams by trusted, experienced professionals.

Comprehensive Vision Exams and Eye Tests at Our Plano and Celina Optometry Clinics

Visiting our eye doctors at our Plano and Celina optometry clinics is critical to protecting your vision and eye health. Our vision exams and eye tests are thorough. During them, you can expect care for the following:

Visual Acuity: This test helps us to determine the quality of your vision. You’ll look at an eye chart on the wall and a hand-held chart while telling us what you see. During this test, we will determine if you have any visual dysfunction such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. We may recommend corrective lenses if so.

Visual Field: During this test, we’ll determine how much of the visual field or the extensiveness of your vision. If you look straight forward, you don’t just see what’s in front of you, but also what’s next to your central area. Our goal with this test is to pinpoint areas of blind spots in your peripheral vision. This can help us to detect any type of eye disease or brain damage from a tumor or stroke. This test also allows us to manage glaucoma as you get older.

Color Blindness: Color blindness is common but often not diagnosed. Our Plano and Celina optometrists will provide you with a test that looks at your ability to see colors and how thoroughly you can. This test simply allows you to compare colors and various shades. It’s important to know that while most color blindness stems from genetics, in some cases, it can be due to eye disease. This is why you may see these tests at each of your visits.

Cover Test: To understand your eyes’ binocular vision, which can include strabismus, we’ll use a special cover test. Each eye will be covered, one at a time, during the test. Our optometrists are looking at the strength of each eye here. In some people, especially children, this test can help us to pinpoint amblyopia or lazy eye early on so treatment can be administered.

Retinoscopy: We’ll shine a light into your eye during this exam. Our Plano and Celina eye doctors are looking at the overall structure of your eye and the retina using various lenses. We’ll then estimate your prescription, if you need it, based on the way the light reflects off the retina.

Refraction: In order to determine the exact amount of refractive error or the amount of difference in the shape and size of your eye as it relates to your vision quality, we’ll conduct a refraction test. Our Celina and Plano optometrists will be able to determine, from looking into your eye and allowing you to compare various visual fields, what your prescription is.

Autorefractor: This test also helps to pinpoint your prescription. Our eye doctors present several lenses in front of your eyes. You tell us which one looks the best.

Biomicroscope: This test is often known as a slit-lamp. We’ll take a very close look at your eye structure using a magnified view of the eye. Our optometrists will see the surface of the eye and lens, the small structures and blood vessels, and be able to detect cataracts (even at an early stage) as well as corneal ulcers, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

Glaucoma Test: Glaucoma is a sudden eye disease that can lead to blindness. Our team will look for signs of this using this test. It involves adding drops to your eyes and waiting for them to dilate. We’ll then test your eye pressure using an applanation tonometer to detect any concerns.

Pupil Dilation: In this dilation, we’ll open up the eyes widely to examine the interior. This helps our eye doctors to detect the presence of disease.

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