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Eyes and vision are mostly the same regardless of gender except for a few key points, particularly for men. There is good news, though: It’s easy to keep your vision healthy if you know the potential pitfalls. Whether you’re in Plano, Celina, or another city in the Metroplex, you can keep your vision healthy and find men’s eyeglasses that suit your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Differences and Effects

One of the key differences between vision health in different genders is that men tend to (not always, but they historically have tended to) take on more aggressive, risky roles in sports, hobbies, and work. Their increased exposure to these risks means that they also have an increased risk of eye injury, from sunburned eyes (a.k.a. photokeratitis or snow blindness) to physical damage to the structure of the eyeball.

Eye protection is essential. For construction work, get prescription safety glasses; you can also find smaller glasses frames for men that fit under conventional safety goggles. For sports, look for safety visors that fit over glasses frames. You could go for prescription visors and safety glasses here, too, though be sure you’re comfortable with the potential for damage to your prescription lenses.

Men’s glasses tend to be larger than women’s glasses, and they have specific structural changes to fit men’s wider faces. But you can find frames that are comparatively smaller and easier to tuck under a pair of safety goggles.

Biological Differences Are Small but Distinct

If you’ve ever had to argue over an outfit or any other color-based decision, gender may have played a role. Men tend to have less color detection than women, from simply seeing fewer shades to being colorblind. This doesn’t have much of an effect on basic eye health, but it’s definitely a difference that’s helpful to know about.

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