Lone Star Vision Helps Contact Wearers See Clearly

Trained eye specialists at Lone Star Vision in Plano or Celina will help you see as clearly as possible, whether you are a candidate for contact lenses or you choose a more traditional vision solution. It all starts with a thorough examination of your eyes, including not only your vision, but also the shape of your eyeball and the functioning of the cornea, retina and aqueous humor.

The good news is that today there are numerous options for seeing clearly. Our fully-trained professionals rely not only on their experience and knowledge, but also employ state-of-the-art diagnostics and imaging equipment to “map” any problems that may exist and to determine abnormalities that might recommend one solution over another.

The Exam Is First; Proper Fitting Follows

Choices abound, from single use contacts to those designed for extended wear, from the possibility of prescribing “monovision” lenses with each eye corrected to perform a different “seeing job” to the ability to correct for astigmatism. Even those who have previously worn bifocals or even trifocals can now be fitted for contacts. Many people prefer contact lenses because they fit tight against the eye and are nearly invisible.

During an initial exam, your ophthalmologist will also touch on your overall health, because the eye can sometimes be a mirror of the body’s well-being. Conversely, specific drugs used to treat other conditions can affect eyesight, so regular eye exams are vital. Lone Star Vision recommends yearly exams on a regular basis, whether you currently wear glasses or not.

Your eye’s shape is also a major factor in assuring proper fit of contact lenses. Only a trained professional can determine the exact refraction and fit that is necessary. There are no “over the counter” contact lenses. But, once you order your new contacts, our staff will make sure that they fit well, correct your vision properly and offer you a brighter future.

Do you have a question about the relative merits of traditional eyeglasses, contact lenses or even lasik surgery? Call us today to schedule an exam. We’ll be happy to explain the possibilities.

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