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Free Downloadable Eye Chart from Lone Star Vision, Serving Plano and Celina

Lone Star Vision, serving Plano and Celina, is now offering a free, downloadable vision chart so you can test your visual acuity at home. Our eye chart prints onto a normal sheet of paper so that you can test your corrected and uncorrected vision at home.


Benefits of Testing Your Vision at Home

Most people do not notice changes in their vision until it has significantly deteriorated. Doing a self-test at home may alert you to potential vision problems much sooner than if you had waited until you noticed yourself struggling to read road signs and menus.

How to Use the Eye Chart from our Eye Care Center

To use the eye chart from our eye care center, download the chart onto your desktop, laptop or tablet and print the chart. Tape the chart to a wall at your eye level.

Next, step back 10 feet and pick out the smallest line you can read. You can have a friend or family member point to certain lines and tell you if you read the letters correctly. Then, test your eyes individually by covering one eye, reading the chart then covering the other.

Scheduling an Appointment with Dr. Todd Brantley for Eye Care

If you cannot read the 20/20 line with your glasses, contacts, or uncorrected (if you have never worn corrective lenses), you should schedule an appointment with our eye doctor, Dr. Todd Brantley, for eye care. Our eye doctor can determine what is causing the change in your vision and recommend a treatment program.

To schedule an appointment at our Plano location, call us at 972-378-4104. To schedule an appointment at our Celina location, call us at 972-382-2020. When you call, ask us about our new client special. We are currently offering a discount on glasses when you buy a complete year of contacts.

What is the smallest line you can read on our downloadable vision chart?

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