Lone Star Vision Provides Treatment For Vitreous Detachment

Vitreous detachment is a condition that occurs with aging. Normally, the eye is filled with a gel-like substance, which begins to break down as individuals enter their 40s and 50s. This gel shrinks and begins to separate from the retina. It collects in pockets in the eye or in strands that drift through the eyes. These are often referred to as “floaters.” They can be an annoying problem and may interfere with normal vision. At Lone Star Vision, we can provide vitreous detachment treatment that helps to reduce the visual disturbances caused by this condition.

Vitreous Detachment Symptoms

Symptoms of vitreous detachment include the sudden appearance of more “floaters” in the field of vision. Individuals may also experience sudden flashes of light on the periphery of their vision. Most of these symptoms do not indicate a vision emergency, but you should mention the symptoms to your Plano and Celina eye doctor when you receive your scheduled exam. In rare cases, the shrinking gel can pull so strongly on the retina that it causes retinal detachment, which in a true vision emergency that requires immediate care. During your regular visits, the doctor can monitor the condition of your eyes over time, to administer treatment immediately if the problem becomes more serious.

Vitreous Detachment Treatments

Your Plano and Celina eye doctor may choose to take a policy of “watchful waiting” in regard to problems of vitreous detachment in your eyes. In most cases, floaters and light flashes diminish over a period of 3 to 6 months. Your eye doctor will monitor these problems to ensure they do not worsen. For troublesome floaters, you may require surgery to remove the hindrance to your vision. The doctor will also ensure that the problem does not have any serious effects on the retina of your eyes, an issue that could seriously affect your vision

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