Suffering from Red Eyes in Plano or Celina?  

When problems occur with your vision or the appearance of your eyes, you may have concerns about the health of your eyes. Recognizing the underlying concerns associated with redness and then treating the red eyes with appropriate solutions may help reduce concerns and protect your vision. Lone Star Vision has the goal of providing quality vision care for Plano, Celina, Prosper, and Frisco areas.

What are Red Eyes?

When you visit a doctor for red eyes, it usually refers to the appearance of the whites of your eyes. Our optometrists see a variety of different types of red eyes and offer different solutions based on the underlying causes of the redness.

In general, red eyes occur when the blood vessels in the eyes well or dilate. It results in a blood shot appearance and may cause red spots or completely color the whites of your eyes a blood red color. In other situations, the vessels burst and cause blood to spill into the whites of the eyes, resulting in a red appearance. It is not generally dangerous for your health, but it may relate to other health concerns.

Causes of Red Eyes Explained by Our Optometrists

The causes of red eyes may vary significantly. When you visit an eye doctor in our clinic, we evaluate the situation and develop an appropriate treatment plan based on your needs. Optometry professionals understand the underlying causes of redness and develop appropriate plans based on your situation and goals.

The common causes of red eyes include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Allergic reactions to environmental factors
  • Dust getting into your eyes
  • Infections
  • Injuries to your eyes
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Specific eye health conditions

In most cases, the redness is not a cause for concerns about your health. It usually relates to factors like rubbing your eyes or allergies. Taking appropriate allergy medications may assist when the underlying cause of redness relates to allergies. When the cause of the redness stems from an infection, glaucoma or other eye health conditions, our eye doctors may recommend different treatment plans. Essentially, redness stems from multiple factors and the appropriate treatment solutions varies significantly.

Our Plano and Celina Optometrists Treatment Options

When you want to treat eye conditions or redness in the Plano or Celina area, Lone Star Vision provides the tools you need for your eyes. We examine your eyes and identifying the specific cause of the redness. Depending on the reason for redness in your eyes, our eye doctors provide appropriate medications or treatments to address the problem. Generally, eye drops are an appropriate solution; however, we may recommend an antibiotic medication or similar options if the underlying cause of the redness stems from an infection.

Our optometrists also provide details about additional treatments when it stems from more complex eye health conditions. For example, we may suggest alternative treatments for glaucoma or related conditions.

Treating redness in your eyes depends on the reasons for the situation. In most cases, dilated or swollen blood vessels in the eyes do not suggest a serious condition.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (972) 378-4104 (Plano) or (972) 382-2020 (Celina).