Lone Star Vision Offers Presbyopia Treatment

Presbyopia, or farsightedness, occurs with normal aging. It can prevent you from seeing images clearly when they are at close range. Presbyopia can limit your ability to work and your ability to read for enjoyment. The optometrists at Lone Star Vision can provide a number of options to correct presbyopia, so you can see close images more easily.

What Is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is the gradual loss of the eye’s ability to see things up close. It usually occurs with aging. After the age of 40, you may notice that you must hold papers further away in order to see them clearly. Presbyopia occurs when the lens of the eye, which is soft and flexible when you are young, becomes more rigid as you get older, which prevents the eye from being able to focus light at images at close range. Some medical conditions can also contribute to the development of presbyopia. A number of medications can also have the effect of worsening presbyopia symptoms.

Presbyopia Symptoms

Presbyopia symptoms include difficulty reading the small print, needing more lighting when doing close work, eyestrain or headaches when doing close work, squinting and the need to hold reading material at arm’s length in order to see it. There is no way to stop the aging process that causes presbyopia currently, but a number of vision correction methods can help you see more clearly.

Options for Presbyopia Treatment

Many people purchase non-prescription eyeglasses from their local drugstore to help them to see more clearly. However, these may eventually fail to provide sufficient correction, and you will need prescription lenses. You can choose to have eyeglasses and use them only when you need to see close images. Bifocal contact lenses can also be used to correct presbyopia. LASIK eye surgery, which reshapes the cornea of the eye, can also be done on one eye to help you see close work more clearly while correcting the other eye for distance vision.

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