Tracking Disorders and Visual Therapy with our Optometrists in Plano

Eye tracking disorders are relatively common problems that are often missed on cursory exams such as school screenings. Patients may have normal visual acuity and be able to read an eye chart, but they have trouble moving their eyes smoothly. This often interferes with effective reading, among other things. Lone Star Vision Care and Optical, with two locations in Plano and Celina, TX, offers assessments and treatment for your child with a visual tracking disorder.

Signs and Symptoms of a Visual Tracking Disorder

Because reading is the skill that is most commonly affected by a visual tracking disorder, many of the symptoms relate to it:

  • Frequently losing their place
  • Skipping lines
  • Poor comprehension
  • Moving their head when reading
  • Short attention span
  • Using a finger to keep their place

These symptoms are all a result of the fact that people with visual tracking disorders cannot move their eyes smoothly from one word to the next. They may be able to look at a single letter on a page and identify it without difficulty but trying to read a sentence results in problems. For this reason, children with visual tracking disorders are often missed by less thorough screenings because their visual acuity may be normal.

All children should have a comprehensive eye exam before they start school. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends a first eye exam at six months, then one at three years of age, and another before starting school. If our optometrist catches the problem early, your child will not spend so much time struggling in school and perhaps failing to keep up.

Vision Therapy

In most cases, the best way to treat someone with a visual tracking disorder is vision therapy. This is a process similar to physical rehabilitation for the body, only it is done with the eyes. It involves specific exercises designed to teach the eyes how to move smoothly from one place to another. Our optometrist will provide the exercises and guide you or your child through them. After you are familiar with the process, you will probably need to do these exercises at home. Most children with visual tracking disorders improve after vision therapy.

Lone Star Vision Care and Optical Can Help

If you have symptoms of an eye tracking problem in the Plano and Celina area, Lone Star Vision Care and Optical can help. Our optometrists can assess, diagnose, and treat your eye tracking problem.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (972) 378-4104 (Plano) or (972) 382-2020 (Celina).