What to Know About Conjunctivitis from a Plano, TX Eye Doctor

Conjunctivitis, more commonly referred to as a pink eye, is a condition that primarily affects children. However, it’s possible for a person to develop pink eye at any time during his or her life. Pink eye treatment provided by Lone Star Vision, serving Plano, TX and the surrounding region, has the potential to relieve your symptoms and heal the infection.

Definition of Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis describes inflammation in the conjunctiva–the thin tissue that coats in the inside of the eyelid. When a patient has pink eye, it irritates the blood vessels in the eye. The inflammation and irritation cause the eyes to appear red, thus giving conjunctivitis the nickname, “pink eye.” In most cases, pink eye arises as a result of a virus or bacterial infection. It’s possible allergens or irritants like chlorine will cause pink eye, too.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

Pink eye will cause the eyes to look pink in appearance. The eyes may become swollen, and it’s possible the inside of the eyelid will become swollen as well. You could experience pain, itchiness or burning in the eyes. Tear production may increase because of the infection. A discharge may develop in the eyes. This yellow, white or green substance oftentimes accumulates and forms a crust on the outside of the eye while you sleep. You’ll notice the crust usually fuses your eyes shut, which makes it hard to open them. The crust may get into eyelashes, too. It’s possible you’ll have a sensitivity to light if you have pink eye.

Treatment for Conjunctivitis

The treatment of conjunctivitis depends on the root of the injection. In most cases, conjunctivitis develops due to a virus, which makes antibiotics ineffective at treating conjunctivitis. If it’s a viral infection, our optometrist will suggest, or prescribe, comfort measures to take while the infection runs its course. Our Plano optometrist may prescribe an antiviral if your pink eye is caused by the herpes simplex virus. If you should happen to develop a bacterial conjunctivitis infection, our optometrist will prescribe an antibiotic eye drop. The optometrist might prescribe an antibacterial ointment to help treat the infection.

Our eye doctor recommends comfort measures a person can take to alleviate some of the discomforts from the infection. For instance, our eye doctor may suggest using a warm compress to open your eyes if you have crusting that makes it difficult to open your eyes. We’ll also prescribe or recommend eye drops that ease the pain and itching.

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