Suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome?
Our Plano and Celina Optometrists Can Help

These days it seems as if just about everything we do takes place on some kind of electronic device. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones govern our work, social interaction and entertainment. Unfortunately, the human eye is not a machine but a delicate organic structure, and it can suffer the consequences in the form of irritating symptoms known as computer vision syndrome. If you want to make your eyes to provide many more years of service while maintaining their health and comfort, you need to take the necessary steps to guard against computer vision syndrome — and our optometrists at Lone Star Vision can help.

Staring at any kind of electronic display for hours at a time can cause a host of problems in the eye. For starters, people tend to blink much less frequently. Since blinking is the mechanism that generates tear production, the eyes can become dry, red and irritated. Over time, dry eyes can eve lead to corneal ulcerations or other eye damage. Dry eyes and eye muscle fatigue may team up to cause focus problems and blurriness. In addition to this type of strain, you may also experience headaches, neck pain or shoulder pain.

The constant glare from the display is another source of trouble. Old-style CRT monitors are known to emit UV light, which can promote cataracts and macular degeneration. Modern LCD screens tend to emit light from the blue end of the spectrum known as HEV (high-energy visible) light. This part of the spectrum may accelerate the onset of age-related macular degeneration and other vision problems while contributing to your eye strain issues.

Eye Relief and Protection for the Prosper, Celina, Frisco, and Plano Communities

Individuals suffering from tired, strained eyes in Prosper, Celina, Frisco and Plano will find welcome relief at our optometry center. We can evaluate your eyes carefully, checking for any underlying conditions that might be causing or contributing to your computer vision symptoms. Once we have determined that your symptoms are directly related to your use of computers, tablets, laptops, smartphones or other devices, our eye doctors can provide a number of helpful recommendations and treatments, including:

  • Eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated, protected and lubricated while you work
  • Work habit changes such as the adoption of periodic “blinking breaks” or setting your monitor at a different angle
  • Tinted lenses to reduce glare and improve contrast levels for less eye fatigue
  • Specialized lenses that provide UV and HEV protection

Even if you’re not currently suffering from computer vision syndrome, adopting a preventative attitude now could save you a great deal of eye fatigue, aches and pains or even serious vision problems down the road.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (972) 378-4104 (Plano) or (972) 382-2020 (Celina).