Burst Blood Vessel in Eye: Care and Advice from Our Plano, TX Optometrists

If you think you may be experiencing a burst blood vessel in the eye, the most obvious sign is alarming redness when you look in the mirror. While not all cases of eye redness are caused by burst blood vessels, burst blood vessels can indeed cause dramatic reddening of the eye that can last for quite some time. Instead of panicking, contact Lone Star Vision so we can provide the expert diagnosis, treatment, and guidance. Our Plano and Celina optometrists can diagnose a burst blood vessel or determine if your eye redness is due to another cause.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhages

The medical term for a burst blood vessel just beneath the surface of the eye is a subconjunctival hemorrhage. These bursts take place just under the conjunctiva, the transparent outer membrane that covers the white of the eye. The leaking blood can cause that whiteness to turn an alarming shade of red. At the same time, you may feel a gritty or scratchy sensation in the affected eye. Fortunately, subconjunctival hemorrhages don’t cause significant pain or interfere with vision, although they can take two weeks or more to clear up.

Causes of Burst Blood Vessels

What causes burst blood vessels in the eye? A direct blow to the eye can certainly cause this problem, but so can a more indirect pressure such as rubbing your eyes too roughly. Bleeding may also be a side effect of recent LASIK or other eye surgery. You can even burst a blood vessel through any extreme physical exertion that causes your blood pressure to spike. If you already have high blood pressure or diabetes, or you’re taking blood-thinning drugs, you may be at elevated risk for this problem.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Burst Blood Vessels

While burst blood vessels in the eye are not serious, they may point to an underlying health condition that threatens your ocular health. It’s also worth noting that eye redness can also be caused by other eye problems, from allergies and infections to dry eye syndrome. Your eye doctor at our clinic can evaluate your eyes carefully to confirm a subconjunctival hemorrhage or identify another condition that needs treatment.

A burst blood vessel does not require treatment, but we may recommend the use of artificial tears to relieve scratchiness. Our optometrist will also advise you to avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible.

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A burst blood vessel is no reason for panic, but any change in your eye’s appearance is worth a visit to Lone Star Vision.

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