Everything You Need to Know About Lasik Eye Surgery FAQ

Everything You Need to Know About LASIK Eye Surgery FAQ

If you’ve ever wanted perfect vision without the hassle of contacts or corrective lenses, then LASIK eye surgery could be right for you. Many of our patients have questions about this minimally invasive procedure and are often hesitant to consider it as a viable option. In an effort to clear up the confusion, here are some answers to questions we often get about LASIK surgery.

What Is LASIK and Who Can Get It?

LASIK actually stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, and it is a surgery in which your cornea is reshaped to allow light entering the eye to hit the retina in the correct place. The entire process for both eyes usually takes just 15 minutes, with improved vision noticeable after 24 hours. People with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism are eligible, with about 80 percent of the adult population qualifying for LASIK surgery.

What is the cost of LASIK?

While the cost of LASIK varies, the average price for Custom Bladeless LASIK is about $2,000 per eye. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover this cost, as it is not considered to be a medically necessary procedure. There are other alternatives, including paying using an FSA. Our main goal is to accommodate your needs as much as possible and we encourage you to consult with us regarding procedure costs.

What Are the Risks of LASIK?

There are several risks of LASIK, including undercorrections, overcorrections, vision returning to pre-surgery levels, or even vision loss. These side effects are rare and do not typically occur. Immediately after the surgery, you may experience dry eyes and night haloes, though this should disappear after a few months.

How Effective is LASIK?

Most people are able to achieve 20/20 vision or better after getting LASIK. A small percentage of people only achieve 20/40 vision or less. Additionally, some people need a touch-up procedure after a few months to finish correcting the shape of the eye.

What questions about LASIK eye surgery do you have that we did not cover? Let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to answer them!

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