Choosing the Right Frames for Your Eyeglasses

Comfort, Style and Functionality

Contact lenses are a great way to correct your vision without having to wear eyeglasses. But they are not always so convenient to insert and remove (or search for, if you are prone to dropping them into carpeting). Sometimes you just want some instant, trouble-free vision correction to help you read, watch TV or just relax, and this is where traditional eyeglasses shine. If you lose a contact lens, you will be especially happy to have a backup pair of glasses standing by. But how do you choose the right pair for your needs? Let us look at some basic considerations.

The look and feel of your eyeglass frames are important, and not just for cosmetic reasons. Lightweight glasses provide more comfort for the nose than heavier models. Larger lens sizes may prove extremely helpful for your peripheral vision — especially if you wear bifocals and trifocals and want plenty of near-field vision for reading. On the other hand, if you only need glasses for reading, a smaller frame style may allow you to peer over the top of the lens as needed.

Make sure that whatever style you choose is available in a size that fits your face. If you have any comfort issues, such as irritation on the tops of the ears or a sore nose, the frames may need some additional adjustments. Simply bring your glasses back to our office and we will be happy to re-evaluate and adjust the fit.

We Can Help You Wear Glasses in Style

Looks matter too, of course. Your eyeglasses should complement your natural skin tone and eye color, and frame shape should flatter the shape of your face instead of exaggerating it. A strongly square face shape, for instance, can be softened with an oval frame. If you worry about your ability to make the right choice, visit our office — we can help you look your best, without or without your contacts!

Have you had an unflattering pair of glasses before? Tell us about them!

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