Annual Eye Exams

People often neglect getting an annual eye exam because they don’t think anything is seriously wrong with their eyes or vision. Unfortunately, many eye diseases that lead to vision loss develop slowly and asymptomatically. Vision issues can occur so gradually that we are not aware of the problem. We may put off an annual eye exam until vision difficulties interfere with daily activities, such as driving or work-related tasks. By then, the disorder causing vision problems has progressively worsened and may have caused permanent damage.

Proper Eye Care Means Involves Once a Year Examinations

Once a year eye examinations are an essential part of any preventative health care program. In addition to testing your vision, we also employ in-depth procedures meant to detect diseases of the eye that affect blood circulation, blood pressure and eye musculature controlling directional eye movement. Although age-related eye problems cannot be prevented, they can be delayed and their severity minimized when people actively engage in proper eye care.

Consequences of Missing Once a Year Eye Examinations

Examples of eye diseases and disorders that often go undetected when proper eye care is neglected include:

  • Refractive errors (astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness)
  • Strabismus (a disorder of the eyes’ alignment)
  • Presbyopia (an inability to focus correctly that especially affects older adults)
  • Glaucoma (associated with abnormally high, intraocular pressure)
  • Macular degeneration (retinal damage that causes vision loss)
  • Ocular melanoma (development of cancer within pigment cells)

Lone Star VisionĀ genuinely cares about the health of your eyes and wants to help you maintain the best vision possible throughout your life. A thorough eye examination typically takes less than an hour and can detect potentially serious eye diseases in their earliest stages. With proper eye care treatments provided by the ophthalmologists at Lone Star Vision, your eyes can enjoy a long and healthy life while allowing you to see the world without interference from vision loss.

Have you had your eyes checked this year?

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